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Are you passionate about cutting down your daily plastic use? Or are you a small local business trying to go zero waste? Or maybe you’re part of a community that aims to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills? You’re exactly who the Break Free From Plastic movement is looking for this Plastic Free July!

The Big Picture

Plastic Free July is a month of global activity demonstrating solidarity around living our lives without single-use plastic. 

As a movement of nearly 1,500 organizations and more than 6,000 individuals from all over the world, we have the power to let our communities, cities, and countries know that we can say no to single-use plastic! 

Of course, Plastic Free July is only the beginning. It’s not about changing our individual behavior in one month, but rather, pushing for systemic change. From holding corporations accountable, to lobbying governments for better legislation, to veering away from false solutions and embracing Zero Waste, we all have a role to play in ending plastic pollution for good. Learn more about how we can do this here

Our efforts are not affiliated with Plastic Free July Australia. We encourage using the #breakfreefromplastic hashtag at the forefront of all communications for Plastic Free July to avoid confusion.

Take action against plastic pollution even beyond Plastic Free July

Check out these daily actions we took that you can also do any time of the year!

Let’s Make our Voices Heard

Check out this social media guide for ways to amplify our message to corporations and government leaders this Plastic Free July.

Get Involved

Option 1 – Join a campaign or activity by one of the Break Free From Plastic movement’s members!

Environmental association Za Zemiata

Join Plastic Bag Free Day on July 3.

Join the Plastic Free July Challenge in Svilengrad.

Greenpeace CEE – Croatia

Visit Greenpeace’s sculpture to learn more about the impact of single-use plastic:

July 2 | Umag, 18-22h
July 3 | Poreč, 18-22h
July 4 | Pula, 18-22h

Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia / Zero Waste Croatia

Join any of the activities of Plastic-Free Week:

July 2
Creative DIY workshop on recycling old t-shirts into new canvas bags
Online campaign #Mogubez jednokratne plastike! (I can do without single-use plastic) #breakfreefromplastic

July 3
Street action/performance and media press conference

July 4
Street action
Online quiz with prizes

July 5
Quiz with prizes
Movie screenings under the stars

Philippine BFFP members

Join the policy forum for single-use plastics in the last week of July (details to follow)

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association

Watch out for weekly street talks on cigarette filters’ plastic nature and Join the large-scale cigarette butt pick-up event (details to follow).

Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine

Citizens, organizations, and retailers can join the Day Without Polyethylene on July 3.



Inland Ocean Coalition

Join a talk about plastic pollution at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Hillside Club and the Ecology Center

Learn more about the crisis at the event “Hillside Club and the Ecology Center Present: The Plastic Crisis”.

Centre for Zero Waste & Development

Join a Panel discussion on the current EPR on Ban on plastics.

Contact them at:
Twitter: @CentreForZeroW1

Option 2 – Start something on your own! Here are some toolkits and resources that you may find useful:

For personal action

Calculate your plastic pollution footprint

Don’t know where you can start cutting back on your plastic use? You may want to check how much plastic you use with this calculator first!

Cut down on single-plastic use where you can

After you’ve calculated the amount of plastic you use, you can start eliminating various types of plastic products from your life! No need to do it all in one go; just do it at a pace that works for you.

Make a plastic monster

If you spot a piece of plastic pollution, show it as the monster it is and let corporations know you’re holding them accountable, whether digitally or in real life.

Sign up for daily social media alerts

Receive daily social media updates from BFFP and share them with your network!

For collective action

Do a brand audit after your clean-up

Take your clean-up to the next level by identifying the culprits behind the plastic pollution you find! This toolkit helps you measure and track the kinds of plastic waste you collect so you can call out the corporations that need to clean up their acts.

Get your organization to question how they hydrate

Whether you’re a company or NGO, you can lead the way towards a more sustainable future! Download the toolkits to learn how.

Start a ban on single-use plastics in your town

Gather the troops and get your community and local government to ban single-use plastics! You can also learn more about plastic bag legislation here.

Encourage your school to go plastic-free

Host a Plastival

Educate your community about a serious issue in a fun way! This toolkit takes you through some recommended steps for hosting an event where people can learn about plastic pollution and who started it (spoiler alert: it’s corporations!).

Register your Action

Let us know what you did for Plastic Free July and share your photos/articles/materials with us! We’ll then share these on Break Free From Plastic channels.

Get in Touch

Got any great ideas or questions? Drop us a line below!

Learn more about the Break Free From Plastic movement through any of these channels:



Join the movement here! In case you’re already a member, you can update your profile with the same link. This way, we can contact you about opportunities specific to your location, expertise, and interests!

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